Behind a White Mask

Thoughts on Sleep No More. Spoilers, naturally, abound. Any Questions?

On Punchdrunk 
Director Felix Barrett on the Dark and Dangerous Interactive World of Sleep No More 
Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen (Felix Barrett)
The Leonard Lopate Show (Felix Barrett and Maxine Doyle)
Felix Barrett in discussion with Josephine Machon
Maxine Doyle in discussion with Josephine Machon
UK Theater Company Finds Success in Jaded New York
Art Not Without Ambition: Sleep No More’s Maxine Doyle
Get to Know the Haunting World of Off-Broadway’s Sleep No More
Felix Barrett: On Pushing the Limits of Curiosity and Comfort Zones
Freakonomics Podcast: Fear Thy Nature
Psychology of the Audience by Jeffrey Mosser: Part 1 and Part 2

Essays on Sleep No More
The Search and the Tail: Approaches to Experiencing Sleep No More
Sleep No More as Social Experiment
Last Night I Dreamt I Went to Sleep No More Again: Intertextuality and Indeterminacy at Punchdrunk’s McKittrick Hotel
A Sword Between Banquo and Me
Games of 2011: Sleep No More
Brainy Gamer: Bloody play 
J. Fulton: Rara Avis in Terris
Bird-Watching at the McKittrick: Part One and Part Two
The Company We Keep
Phone Calls in the McKittrick Hotel: 1, 2

Sound Design
Soundtrack on Rdio
Tracking the Scottish Play: The Sounds of Sleep No More
The Sounds of Sleep No More: Revisited
Digging Deeper Into the Sound of Sleep No More
Sleep No More Soundtrack (Cont.): THE ANSWER
A Nightingale Sang

Set Design
The Thane of Chelsea
Interior Design TV: In His Own Words: Felix Barrett
Welcome to Their World: Hecate’s Apothecary
Stage is Set. Ready for Your Part? / Interactive Feature
First Look: An Unnerving Night at the Theater
Cool Hunting Video with Livi Vaughn
Very Superstitious: superstitions embedded within the play
A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes: The Stained Glass Window Revisited
Ad Men of Gallow Green

Cast List and Cast Interviews
List of Characters from the Program
Cast List/Role Tracker on Scorched the Snake
ScareHouse Podcast Interview with Careena Melia
‘Sleep No More,’ but Move Nonstop
PMC Magazine interview with Matthew Oakes and Kelly Bartnik
Bleep Magazine: Dancing in the Dark: Nick Bruder, Kelly Bartnik, and Stephanie Eaton
Freakonomics Podcast: Fear Thy Nature
We Are the Geek by Uncle Yo - Podcast Episode #55: interview with Ching-I Chang at 26:00

NESTA/MIT Media Lab Project
Punchdrunk and MIT Media Lab
Punchdrunk and Sleep No More at StoryForum
Sleep No More (Enhanced)
What It’s Like Inside the World’s Most Interactive Play
On Sleep No More, magic and immersive storytelling
A Guinea Pig’s Night at the Theater
Regarding “A Guinea Pig’s Night at the Theater”
Innovation in arts and culture #4: Punchdrunk – Sleep No More
Behind the Scenes Writeup by Ben Bloomberg
Arts Digital R&D Podcast
Butterfly Used in the Project (now lives in the taxidermist’s shop)
Ouija Board Used in the Project

Sleep No More Blogs
Scorched the Snake
When Strange Becomes Normal
The Bloody Business
Remember The Porter
Blood Will Have Blood, They Say
Fuck Yeah Sleep No More 
Let’s Break Out the Booze And Have a Ball
Sleep No More Sketches
Dreaming of Manderley
Wash This Blood
To Manderley Again 
Paisley Sweets
Who Keeps With Wolves
Sleep No More Crossover Fan Fiction
Dogs in Sleep No More Masks
Sleep No More Reactions

Source Material (Spoilers)
"Source Material" tag on this blog
North Berwick Witch Trials
Paisley Witches
Woyzeck by Georg Büchner: Part I, Part II
Children’s Story from Woyzeck by Georg Büchner

Photographs (Spoilers, NSFW)
Desktop Wallpapers